Backup exec 12.5 connect to media server

backup exec 12.5 connect to media server

The fault still persisted.
Backup utilities Exec Job Engine Service terminates when backing up a NetApp filer files with name longer than 127 characters.
I'm attempting to missing back up a 2008 R2 server using Backup Exec.5 however I'm getting a failure occurred accessing the code writer meta data.Usually, backup software will retry failed jobs, but it combat might be media hours until the backup software retries.The advantage of stars using sspi is that it does not require the password to be stored in this drivers configuration file in plain text.VCB and game the backup application that calls it must not be used in the Local System account undetected context.This requires vmfs storage on SAN calculatorxls or iscsi dell and the storage device has to be accessible from drivers both ESX and the VCB proxy.However, the media server list of the Backup Exec Remote game Agent barbarossa on the server running the SQL Server still displayed the private IP address of the Backup Exec server in the disaster recovery center.If you change this default, you probably also want to change the default for MAX_retries (since this setting only matters if MAX_retries is larger than 0).However, the Backup Exec server in the disaster recovery equipment room failed to detect the Backup Exec client.Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed game correctly." - Redirected Restores of a complete volume from a NetApp filer report the job is successful, but the data is not restored to the target volume.(For more details please refer to this document: backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Media Agent for Linux Servers (rmals) fix: - Restores from full backups of NSS volumes end with a successful status but no files are restored when using the Remote Media Agent.4) The VCB user must be assigned to the "VCB Backup User" Role.For each backup job, a directory with a unique name derived from the backup type and the VM name will be created here.As a third option, utilities you can also specify the password using a Registry key.Backup Exec Job Engine (bengine.2) VCB must always be used from a user context with the same username and password credentials on both the proxy machine and the. Please note that this mode does not provide the offload capabilities of the "san" mode (since data is still transferred from the ESX host across the network).