Diablo 2 patch 1.13

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Uber Baal and, uber Diablo to alchemy be killed before spawning summoned minions (Before he would only check for Uber Baal).
The patch game will no longer stop and then restart the game music after fios the window loses and then regains focus.
Shockwave - physiology Synergy from Maul adds 5 damage sign per point.Sorceress - Firewall Synergy receives pretty 1 damage per point of Inferno and 4 per point of Warmth.When creating a single player game, each difficulty button windows is diablo now bound to a unique key: Normal 'R patch cyberlink Nightmare 'N and Hell 'H'.Minor Bugs - Fixed a bug where Mercenaries wouldn't have multiple auras active when they should have.Hydra - Increased base speed pretty of Hydra projectile.Official Blizzard": Patch.13d - 10/27/2011, new Features.Modified the gold bank limit to be a flat cap not bound by level.Paladin Blessed Hammer - No longer ignores diablo resistances of undead and demons.Fixed an issue where players could create games prefixed with color codes.Adventurers of, sanctuary are hereby warned once again, that a new challenge awaits you.Specific changes/improvements - Respecialization is now possible!Dragon Talon - The bonus to Attack Rating patch per point has been increased.Specific changes/improvements Respecialization is now possible!Druid - Werebear Damage bonus increased by 15 across all ranks.Added new command line parameter -nofixaspect which allows users to not fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 when maximizing youcam in windowed mode.Removed the requirements to create a hardcore character. Fixed an issue where auras were not re-applied to your mercenary after it was resurrected.
Users can now toggle the display of text over the Health and Mana globes by clicking on the bottom area of each orb.

Minor Bugs - Uber Mephisto now checks for both Uber Baal and Uber Diablo to be killed before spawning summoned minions (Before he would only check for Uber Baal).
Fixed an issue where the, paladin class runeword Principle wasn't having all of its stats applied diablo 2 patch 1.13 properly.
Necromancer - Blood Golem Removed negative shared life effect (player no longer loses life when the golem takes damage).