Hatim drama episode 16

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Koutarou wants Nagi to fight him when times he theory said that the number masters should fight each other, and times the same goes for number the butlers to fight each other; Kaede liked that idea for that.Hayate striked Kaede on his head with approximation a bamboo stick, and so, Hayate won the match.When Kaede was about to finish Koutarou, Hinagiku cuts in and saves product Koutarou, even though she called him a weak crybaby.Episode 16, title name as, i Won't Lose Even If I Lose Maketemo Makend?Elsewhere, Ayumu was making a pancake thinking that flipping a pancake is her ultimate move, though it's not really a special move.After she finished reading, Nagi tells the audiences that she will see them next time, ending the episode.Hinagiku wants Hayate to show her his ultimate move the next time they meet.Hinagiku then asked Hayate if he would join the Kendo club and that she will train him how to master his ultimate move, but Hayate decides that he must do this on his own.) aired on July acronis 15th 2007, number the English Animax dub aired on July 2nd 2009.Important: You must only upload images which you have timers created yourself or number that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.Nagi believed that Hayate will win the match, while Kaede was about to finish him off with his ultimate move.Himuro informed Hayate that being a butler is a big responsibility to guide his master to the right course.Next, Isumi is on a train ride to go true all the way to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.You can help edition Hayate Wiki by expanding. The moment has arrived, Hinagiku versus Koutarou, and Hayate versus Kaede.
Hinagiku tried to ask Hayate about his match, but Kaede striked Hayate with his firepower, literally with fire.
Finally, the episode nearly ends when Nagi is reading another one of her mangas, laughing and crying.

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Hinagiku easily distracts Koutarou and hits him in the head, instantly winning the match.