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And common sample word processing related keyboard commands; Numeric Skills: Deal with numbers and digits, using formulas, references, macros, tables, graphs through spreadsheets and common keyboard commands for spreadsheets.
Hindi Typing, this typing test will design be available for 15 minutes.
Reading Comprehension, read and understand passages in English comprising questions home regarding locating information, identifying relationships, interpreting ideas, moods, characteristics of characters, the tone of passage test and getting the central theme.General Awareness Indian History Indian Geography, Indian Economy, Indian Constitution, Science Technology, Trends in Current Affairs.General IT skills, related Topics.Download the, mP cpct Exam demo Syllabus 2018 PDF In Hindi English.Get Latest Exam Updates via E-mail mods Note : Submit your name, email, state and updates category below.Privacy Policy Designed by home Krishna Jha Share on Facebook Google Plus).Note: If you have any query then email us home to demo deliver you better services.Arthematic- Percentages, Profit Loss, Discount, Compound Interest Annuities, Ratio Proportions, Time, Work Distance, 2 D 3D Figures- Areas Volumes) Reasoning Aptitude: Verbal and Logical Reasoning focusing on deriving conclusions from logical premises or demo assess the validity of arguments based on the statement of facts.System Administration and Security concepts such fonts as setting options and preferences in an Operating System; encryption of data; keeping personal data private and secure; creating strong passwords; home changing passwords; checking a system for bugs, spyware or other malicious application through virus scanners, file Management Functions.The score of Mock will not be included in the Score Card.In regard to the reasoning in hindi with solution, a distinction should be made about logical reasoning in general, which involves inference drawing following logical rules which refers to inferences from propositions.This Reasoning In Hindi app refers to the metacognitive aspects of intelligence home which involve both awareness of the functioning of the mind and monitoring of thought many steps.You can easily develop the capacity for abstract, systematic and scientific thinking by using this app.Biology GK, physics GK, chemistry GK, history.Candidate can Follow the MP cpct Exam Syllabus for their Test preparation.You design Can Like Our Page Or Subscribe for More Information On the Day to Day Updates on cpct.Cpct typing test, this section will have paragraph(s) to type in respective language.For any Query on the cpct Test, You can Contact Us Via Comment Box. Presentation skills for sharing and understanding data in form of charts, here graphs, and data.
(A) (B) (C) (D).
Internet skills: using search engine effectively to get the best-desired result within short time; uploading and downloading information from the Internet and usage of Internet applications such as websites, browsers, blogs, and Internet services such as Email, video conferencing, Online Collaboration etc.

A mock test of 10minutes will be provided prior to the test.
Content in this Article, the cpct is evaluated in two reasoning test in hindi pdf sections of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Typing test in English Hindi Languages.
Computer Systems, computer software: software categories such as System Software, Application Software, Embedded Software, Proprietary Software, Open Source Software; The Computer Languages such as Machine Level Language, Assembly Level Language, High Level Language, Interpreter, Compiler; Operating Systems such as Windows and Linux etc.