Save game assassin's creed 3 pc theta

save game assassin's creed 3 pc theta

Liberating the games forts will conjugaison lower taxes and increase your house income from theta convoys.
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Perfectionist: Complete 100 of all main mission constraints.Find one Peg Leg Trinket (marked on your map and return it to design the quest giver.However, you do not need to home rizzoli complete it until file after you have recruited all artisans and workers.After hanging enemies, you have to full wait a few seconds until they die.Go to the Packanack hunting zone on the western rizzoli part of the map.Easy "Eye Witness" achievement To easily get the "Eye Witness" achievement, get a bear, bobcat, cougar, fox, or wolf to follow you to an enemy patrol or bring an enemy patrol to the them.The more of your bowls that are close to the red bowl, the more points you will get.Also, make sure the musket is loaded or else you may not trigger the double assassination if there is not a bullet in the musket.There is a harbor nearby that can be used as a fast travel station.If you look down, you will see an MMA fight with Guilherme Venancio.Bring Down the House: Explore Fort design Wolcott.The goal is to leave your opponent with fewer than three pieces or block all possible moves.The Whites of Their Eyes: Complete Sequence.Each chapter unlocks an invention for your Homestead Manor.They will tell you a story about an encounter house on the high seas with a monster before the side-quest begins.Craft one of the unlocked inventions to get the "Patent episode Not Pending" achievement. Most vrane specialty recipes can be found in treasure chests in outdoor areas.