Service manual honda supra x 125

5 In addition to the manual above points, it beckercad is beckercad worth noting before any beckercad dismantling work is undertaken that it is desirable to have two service autocad tools available.
Never use emery cloth.
DON'T attempt to lift a heavy component which may be beyond your capability - get assistance.
2 Lift the selector fork shaft slightly, so that the selector drum can be pulled out of episode the casing.This is nor- mally a fairly tight fit, and it is not unusual for the piston to have to be warmed slightly to allow the pin to be inserted and removed.The right-hand casing half will probably episode lift away quite easily, but should server windows it prove stubborn it can be tapped off using a soft headed mallet.The cam will require renewal if worn to less than.628 mm (1.2846 in).The lubricating oil is con- tained in the lower portion of the crankcase which forms a com- bined sump and an oil bath for the gearbox components.It has the additional benefit of giving early corel warning of any faults that may develop and will act as a regular safety check, to the obvious advantage of both rider and machine alike.The full procedure is given here for ease of reference, but if the points are episode found to be in good condition and if the gap has not altered or is within the tolerance, then the ignition timing will be sufficiently accurate and there will.This tool is available as a Honda service tool, part number.2 The cam lobe itself is unlikely to exhibit any great degree of wear due to its wide profile, but after extended mileage a flat may begin to appear at the top of the lobe.The nominal size.768 -.928 mm (1.2901 -.2964 in).Any faults revealed by this check tuneup should be investigated further.34 Chapter 1 Engine, clutch and gearbox 24 indir Examination and decarbonisation: cylinder head 1 Remove all traces of carbon from the cylinder head and valve ports, using a soft scraper.The following sec- tions will indicate what type of wear can be expected and in many cases, the acceptable limits.Although this manual shows how components can be removed and replaced without the use of special service tools (unless absolutely essential it is worthwhile giving considera- tion to the purchase of the more commonly used tools if the machine is regarded as a long term.2 Check the spark plug Remove the spark plug cap, unscrew the plug and check its condition, comparing it with the photographs on page.DO carry out work in a logical sequence and check that everything is correctly assembled and tightened with afterwards.I recall No compelling reason to book, or arrange ahead of time, simply wave to the bemo unlimited and move on board.At idle speed the 'F mark should align with the raised index mark; at just above idle speed the mark should appear to move as the advance begins until at 3000 rpm the two parallel lines of the full advance mark are aligned with the.Acknowledgements Our thanks are due to APS Motorcycles of Wells (formerly Fran Ridewood Co Paul Branson Motorcycles of Yeovil, and CSM of Taunton, who supplied the machines featured in this manual. 6 Remove the two nuts which retain the exhaust pipe to the cylinder head, sliding the flange clear and removing the two.
18.1a Use steel wedges and a puller to remove worn main bearings /i18.1b Mark pinion relative to shaft before withdrawing pinion.2 Bearings can be tapped out of the cases using large drift 20 Examination and renovation: gudgeon pin, small end and piston bosses.
An additional special bolt passes down into the end of the cam follower shaft, and this should also be removed.

2 Remove all traces of carbon from the piston crown, using a soft scraper to ensure the surface is service manual honda supra x 125 not marked.
These are usually far more durable and better looking then the original fitments and do not require the use of an impact driver.
The plates should also be flat.