Spartan ops episode 1

Kill the repair two knights and the windows group of crawlers guarding this and activate the skyrim control panel at the desenho top.
If the knights summon Watchers, take them down as quickly as possible to able prevent them from spawning additional crawlers.
At the start, move up to the ledge in cricket front and kill the crawlers below before climbing down and move to the objective marker.
Guard the area against these and once the crawlers have been dealt with return to the courtyard.As you drum start windows clearing the courtyard, as you start to clear the area, a extract covenant drop pod will drop off a few more grunts for you to dispatch.Each of these is going to drop off group of grunts and jackals and a couple of elites to boot (some of these will have swords in quality hand).Clear the enemies that have spawned and then interact chalisa with the objective marker.Afterwards, wait for the pelican to arrive and then interact with the artifact full to complete the mission.Quickly kill all three of them before activating the panel.Remember - these missions are designed for you and your friends to experience together - and while they can be played solo, you'll find them quite challenging.Make your way over to the objective marker and activate the switch.Halo 4 and its Spartan Ops mode is quite ambitious.Eliminate the next small group of crawlers that come to attack you here.In full addition, you will want to kill the crawlers in the area.Chapter 5: Core, windows from the start, we want to work our way down the ramp to the right and continue along the path until we reach a fork.As per usual, pick off the grunts first before focusing on the heavy hitter.We now need to return to that previous large room. As this is the case, drive around to the right towards the closest objective, allowing the gauss cannon to take care of ghosts, turrets and baddies in the way.