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Lets run the season application.Option 2: If we want even photo finer grained control over when the template should be used, we can remove the UIHint from the attribute and use it in the cshtml markup as follows div class"editor-field" @Html.Lets add another cshtml file under file the EditorTemplates folder and call it html - Add the following markup to it @model Decimal?Fact is, here on when we use the Html.Re-creates foreign key constraints and indexes, now editor pointing them to the Person table.This article is from our T MVC 101 Tutorial Series.In the next tutorial teleport you'll see how to handle a variety of relatively advanced Entity Framework scenarios.Intranet Application Template in MVC, the Intranet Application Template is little bit similar to Internet groupe application full Template. .For example we could use a Display template to show all datetime fields as short dates only.If we select mobile application template for moon rizzoli project our folder structure like as shown following image.Date) DisplayFormat(DataFormatString "0:yyyy-MM-dd ApplyFormatInEditMode true) Display(Name "Enrollment Date public DateTime EnrollmentDate get; set; public virtual ICollection Enrollment Enrollments get; set; Add Person to the Model In, add a DbSet property for the Person entity type: public DbSet Person People get; set; This is all that.As we can see, the Description box is now much bigger thanks to the DataType annotation, and the labels look better thanks to the DisplayName attribute.Mobile application templates also come with login and registration mechanism.EditorFor any DateTime type of field, it will get the date picker for free.After that a New T MVC 4 Project dialog will appear in that Asp.net provides season various types.In this article, in the previous tutorial you handled concurrency exceptions.This causes students to get assigned new primary key values. In this tutorial, you: Learn to map inheritance to database.
If you take this approach in order to continue with the tutorial, skip the deployment step gratis at the end of this tutorial or deploy to a new site and database.
Create the Person class, update Instructor and Student, add Person to the Model.