Tomb raider 2013 game guide

Complete all seven excel serial optional tombs to get the "Intellectually Superior" achievement.
Get Over Here!: Rope pull 5 enemies off edges.
Sharp Shooter: Perform serial 50 headshot kills in the single player campaign.The tomb entrance is in a listen games narrow passage near the top of the climbing path that leads to the bunker.Ghost Hunter Challenge save Collectibles game (All version Totem Locations) lego Pyromaniac Challenge Collectibles (All Lantern Locations) Egg Poacher Challenge Collectibles (All Egg Locations) Illumination serial Challenge Collectibles (All Statue Locations) Non-Believer Challenge Collectibles (All Banner Locations) Laid to Rest Challenge Collectibles (All Effigy Locations) Silencer Challenge Collectibles (All Alarm.Once it opens, a strong gust of wind will blow the platform right and high.Locate and successfully complete the Temple Of The Handmaiden optional tomb to get a treasure map.There are just 4-10 collectibles per challenge.On the first level of the base, go through the holes in the wall to reach tracks leading full to a striped turn-table device.Research Base Coordinates: 53N 712433, UTM : On the top left corner of a big pile of boxes is a small opening big enough to crawl through.If you walkthrough miss a single conversation, you will not meister get the "Chatterbox" achievement honor yashwant during that playthrough.Use the Rope Ascender to break through the wall.7: Complete the Chamber of Judgement to unlock the corresponding treasure map. There is an yashwant open window on the left and a suspended platform in the center.

Once it is on the tomb raider 2013 game guide ground, stand on the platform, and remove the canisters.
5: Complete the Halls of Ascension to unlock the corresponding treasure map.