Vista start menu power button behavior

vista start menu power button behavior

Figure : Start menu Power buttons in Windows Vista.
By default, when using the activation Power button, launcher either the chrome physical Power button game or missing the Start menu Power button, Windows Vista puts heart the computer into Sleep mode.
When using a laptop PC, you can use approximation When I close the lid to set action after closing the lid.There's a local GPO unlimited setting called ' Change Start Menu Power Button.However, my laptop allows to change this, india but the value is absent and doesn't work on servers.This is what i've noticed.Keeps your session in memory and puts the computer in a low-power state.Use shut down only when you want to turn off the power to your computer or launcher do not plan to use it for several days.Scroll through the list and locate the item labeled Power Buttons and Lid.Logs off the current user and allows for a quick log in to a Windows account.The link appears multiple times in the window; you can click on any of the links.Choose the Control Panel item from the Start menu.There are four settings for each option: Do nothing: Pressing the button or closing the lid doesnt change anything.The Power Options dialog box appears a treasure trove of various power-saving settings in Windows Vista.Each button has two options, depending on whether the laptop is running chrome from battery power (On start battery) or is plugged. 4.When the System Settings screen appears, india click label launcher of When I press the power button, choose.
Computers, pCs, how to Change Your Laptops Power Button Functions in Windows Vista.

To get there, Choose Control Panel from the Start menu, and then click Power Options to display the Power Options window.
Use the Lock button to protect the computer when leaving the computer for a short time.
Windows keeps your current work session in memory and puts the computer in a low-power state so you can vista start menu power button behavior quickly resume your work.