Warriors orochi 2 psp save game

Unlock windows Gyuki: Collect 25 ingredients.
20 All Officers Available Save the game with all officers unlocked.Fu Xi - trials Clear quickbooks Samurai Chapter 3-Battle of quickbooks Hasedo.Clear Wu quickbooks windows storyline quickbooks (40) - Save the game after clearing the Wu storyline.Unlock Characters, retrieve other 1, diao Chan - Clear Wu Chapter 8-Battle of Chi.Characters Edit Every playable character in Dynasty Warriors windows crack 5 and Samurai Warriors 2 appears in the game, save for only the edit characters.20 Available Officers - 40 Save the game with 40 or more officers unlocked.Wu Characters Unlock Da Qiao: Clear either Wu Chapter 4-Battle of Itsukushima or Orochi Chapter 4-Battle of He Fei.Wei Characters Unlock Cao Pi: Clear Wei Chapter 5-Battle of Komaki-Nagakute.Story Mode counter Edit Four different scenarios for the main narrative.Unlock Wei Yan: Clear Shu Chapter 2-Battle of Saika.Stage quickbooks 25 - Clear 30 stages in story mode.Pang De - Clear Wu Chapter 5-Battle of Okehazama.Zuo Ci, Lu Bu, and Tadakatsu Honda have special unlocking requirements.Stage 20 - Sum of all character levels equals 1,820 or more.Himiko retrieve - Clear Wei Chapter 8-Battle of Wu Zhang Plains.If the timing is right, the following character will use a stronger version trials of their True Musou attack.Zhu Rong - Clear Wu Chapter 3-Battle of Nan Zhong. Available officers - 60 (20) - Save the game with 60 or more officers unlocked.

Unlock Zhou Yu: Clear Wu Chapter 2-Battle of Kanegasaki.
Updated graphics, manual camera control, enemy behavior, and camera animations from Samurai Warriors 2 are used in warriors orochi 2 psp save game this game.